In its long history, KWST has gained substantial experience on the topic of sustainability. Since the 19th Century, the company has been producing bioethanol with high efficiency on the basis of renewable raw materials and a highly-favorable CO2 balance. Power of innovation is one of our company's key assets and has enabled us to continually expand ethanol production over several decades. Not least, this results in decisive advantages for our customers, which is also reflected in various certificates:

  • According to "DIN EN ISO 9001:2008", we have been proving on an annual basis since 1997, that we manufacture products which in terms of product quality fulfill the statutory/regulatory requirements as well as those of our customers.
  • The "QS Certificate for the production of individual feed products + warehousing/handling" has certified regularly since 2009 the adherence to the standards of quality assurance for food.
  • The "OK Kosher" Institute has continually certified since 2010 that our products for the customers of a globalized world can be used responsibly.
  • In addition, we also have a certificate according to biofuels sustainability regulations (Biokraft-NachV) and based on sustainability regulation concerning biomass flows (BioSt-NachV) according to ISCC-EU, committed to reducing CO2immissions and thus protecting the climate.
  • GMP planed for 2018

Based on the requirements of the "Codex Alimentarius" and the key statutory regulations, our production continuously undergoes testing according to an HACCP study.

By involving all employees in the further development of the processes relevant to quality, we are constantly advancing our continuous improvement processes according to the theme, "achieving greater quality together".