Corporate philosophy

Our actions and conduct are intended to preserve an intact environment and foster peaceful and prosperous cooperation of all human beings throughout the world, Europe, Germany, Lower Saxony, and in our immediate neighborhood.

Against this backdrop, we have developed a mission statement for our business conduct that is based on fairness, reliability and sustainability .

We seek to follow these three principles in our daily lives and our business transactions.

Human rights, the German constitution (or "Basic Law"), our Christian values and moral principles are the standards by which we are measured.

In this sense, we are committed to:

  • Protecting the environment and its natural resources by using renewable raw materials as feedstock, energy-saving and resource-friendly processes, and acting efficiently and effectively
  • Equal treatment of all persons and rejection of every type of discrimination
  • Fair, open, and honest dealings with employees and business partners
  • Engaging in business relationships among equals with comparable opportunities and risks
  • Maintaining long-term business relationships on the basis of honest and trusting cooperation
  • A well-trained and motivated workforce
  • A safe and congenial working environment for our employees
  • A solid and reasonable return on investment for the shareholders and financial partners
  • Free and fair competition and vigilance against all types of corruption
  • Compliance with national laws and regulations

We feel an obligation towards our environment and fellow human beings, in particular, however, towards our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and partners.